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Amar Daing
Product Manger @ 
Surbhi Dangi
Principal PM @

Malthi S.
PM and Coach @ 
Pamit D Anand
VP product @ 
Ashutosh Mangal
Product & Digital Transformer @ 
Nagendra Gururaj
Director of Product @ 
Rahul Jain
Associate Director PM @ 
Himadri Joshi
Senior PM @
Satinder Singh
Product Leaders @ 
Ravi Koshal
Senior PM @ 
Bharat Maddali
Senior Product Manager @ 
Mohit Anand
Principal PM @ 
Anuj Gupta
Ex Principal PM @ 
Sonupam Kaur
Senior Product Manager @ 
Gokul Nair
Product Leader @

Gaurav Jindal
Head of Product @

Jack Moore
Senior Product Manager @

Tanya Singhania
Senior Product @ 

Upcoming TRUEPASS Events

Sonupam Kaur  in

Sr Product Manager @ Walmart Global

12+ Years of Experience

Masterclass on MoSCow framework

19th May 2023 - 7pm to 8pm

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Past TRUEPASS Events

Anand Kumar  in

Sr Product Manager @ Microsoft, ex-Klook, ex-Agoda

13+ Years of Experience

Customer obsession and how to leverage it to build great products

5th May 2023 - 7pm to 8pm

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Talvinder Singh  in

Co-founder @ Pragmatic Leaders, ex-Head of Product @OYO, ex-CPO @ Freecultr, ex-founder @ Tushky

15+ Years of Experience

Develop Product Sense - LIVE tear down of apps

28th April 2023 - 7pm to 8pm

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Jayantika Sarwal  in

Sr Product Manager @ Factorial, ex-SPM @ Glovo, ex-PM @ Microsoft

8+ Years of Experience

Setting Good Product Management KPIs (B2B and B2C)

20th April 2023 - 7pm to 8pm

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19 more incredible sessions from top mentors, for you to watch

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Get ahead in your career, by staying on top of the most important and trending topics


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Get ahead in your career, by staying on top of the most important and trending topics

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Staying on top of trending important topics is very hard, in all this noise. At the same time, it should not break your bank!

Subscribe to our monthly sessions to attend the most well-curated hand-picked sessions that will keep you ahead in the game, always!

"Masterclass" - 4 to 6 online workshops every month on top trending topics

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We cover it all - Product, marketing, sales, operations & software engineering

30 - 70% off on new live courses and offline workshops

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Weekly Pragmatic workshops and lectures

Live micro courses on product, marketing, sales, operations & software engineering 

Interview preparation

30 - 70% off on new live courses and offline workshops

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Professionals working in product management, sales, marketing, ops, software engineering

Final year students and fresh graduates



    What is a Truepass subscription?

    TRUEPASS subscription is like gold membership of zomato or amazon prime where you get access to 4-6 exclusive hands-on workshops in a month, product tear-downs, mentorship and networking opportunity and 30-70% discount on live courses and offline workshops

    How does the TruePass subscription work?

    Subscribe monthly or quarterly and you will get access to all our sessions via our learning platform Truemerit. You will get access to the links of the sessions. In case you miss any session, you will be able to watch the recorded session. So, get started on an upskilling journey with a community

    Can I buy live courses or just Masterclass alone?

    Yes. If you don't wish to opt for a subscription. We will soon launch "pay as you go" scheme.

    How many workshops and live courses are conducted monthly?

    We conduct 4-6 live sessions and workshops and one to two,  5 day live courses in a month. The live workshops are called PL Masterclass while the 5 day live courses are called SkillSprint

    Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, we do run several live micro courses where you will be awarded certification.

    Where can I find the event and course calendar?

    Visit the Upcoming Truepass Events section

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